FEATURE: Dr. Handa Selected as a NAI Senior Member


Congrats Dr. Handa for being named a senior member of the National Academy of Inventors! Click to read more.


FEATURE: Ekrem's Antimicrobial "Superfoams"


Congrats Ekrem and coauthors on your works’ feature on

Click to read more.


FEATURE: Handa, Nytricx Say NO to Current Medical Devices.


Check out the latest article on Dr. Handa’s startup company Nytricx and its amazing work in steering a path towards commercialization of NO devices! Click to read more.

Other News:


Mark Garren successfully defended his dissertation! Great job, Dr. Garren!


Lori Estes-Bright has successfully defended her dissertation! Congrats, Dr. Estes-Bright!


Congratulations to Dr. Handa for receiving the College of Engineering Faculty Award for Excellence in Research! Also, congrats to Lori Estes-Bright for winning the Brahm Verma Graduate Leadership Award and to Mark Garren for his honorable mention. 


Dr. Manjyot Chug has received the Excellence in Research Award for 2023. Congratulations!


Dr. Ekrem Ozkan and Patrick Maffe presented posters at the CGHI Bio. Innovation Summit. A special congratulations to Dr. Ozkan who won the Anthony Shuker Scientific Poster Award!


Congratulations to Lori Estes-Bright and Mark Garren for their poster presentations at the ACS National Conference!

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