Latest News

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04/03: Dani has received Honorable Mention from the NSF GRFP. Congratulations to Dani!

03/14: Jiten has received this year's College of Engineering Brahm Verma Award of Excellence in Research, and Priya has received runner-up. Congratulations to Priya and Jiten!

03/06: Priya is only one of 60 students selected to attend the SFB Summer School in Biomaterial Field in Bordeaux, France. Congrats, Priya!

02/28: Arnab has been selected to receive the 2018 Innovative and Interdisciplinary Research Grant from the University of Georgia. Congrats, Arnab!

02/09: Priya has been awarded the Student Travel Achievement Recognition (STAR) Award for the Society of Biomaterials' 2018 Annual Meeting for her outstanding contribution. Congrats, Priya!

01/18: The Handa Lab has been featured on UGA's main page!

01/16: Bryan's paper "Bio-templated Synthesis and Characterization of Mesoporous Nitric Oxide-Releasing Diatomaceous Earth Silica Particles" has been accepted in Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congrats, Bryan!

01/13: Jiten's paper "Nitric oxide-releasing catheters for eradication bacterial infection" has been accepted in Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part B. Congrats, Jiten!

01/10: Jiten's paper "4D Fabrication: 3D Cell Patterning Using Shape-Changing Films" has been accepted in Advanced Functional Materials. Congrats, Jiten!

01/09: Jiten was featured in UGA's graduate Magazine in the piece "Discovery: The life of Jitendra Pant". Congrats, Jiten!

01/08: Dr. Handa was featured in the "Research News" section of this week's Columns! The title of the piece is "Protective barrier: Engineering faculty member developing coatings to keep hospital patients from contracting infections."

01/05: Martin Tran,  Reagan Armistead, and Juhi Mancha received the CURO award for Spring 2018. Congrats, Martin and Juhi!

01/04: Handa lab welcomes Dr. James Manuel and Dr. Marcus Goudie as postdocs to their research group!

01/04: Handa lab welcomes undergraduate students Lori Estes and Huzefa Husain to their research group!

11/20: Martin Tran was selected for a Semester Abroad Program in Italy. Congrats, Martin!

11/15: Congratulations to Marcus Goudie on his successful PhD defense!

10/30: Priya's paper "Covalent Grafting of Antifouling Phosphorylcholine-Based Copolymers with Antimicrobial Nitric Oxide Releasing Polymers to Enhance Infection-Resistant Properties of Medical Device Coatings" has been accepted in Langmuir. Congrats, Priya!

10/24: Katie has won the best poster award among 65 other posters at GA Bio Summit. Congratulations Katie!

10/19: Marcus's paper "Liquid-infused nitric oxide-releasing (LINORel) silicone for decreased fouling, thrombosis, and infection of medical devices" has been accepted in Scientific Reports. Congrats, Marcus!

09/18: Dr. Handa gave a invited talk at the BloodSurf 2017 conference at Clemson!

08/24: Congratulations to Priya for receiving the 2017 BMES Career Development Award!

08/22: Dr. Handa and the Handa Lab was featured in Issue 114 of Research Features magazine.

08/14: Handa Lab welcomes the new graduate students Ryan Devine and Arnab Mondal to their research group.

08/14: Handa lab welcomes undergraduate students Martin Tran and Juhi Manch to their research group!

07/10: Congratulations to Nettie for winning the Rowan Rising Star Scholarship in the College of Engineering!

07/07: Priya's paper "Enhanced antibacterial efficacy of nitric oxide releasing thermoplastic polyurethanes with antifouling hydrophilic topcoats" was chosen for the cover of Royal Society of Chemistry's Journal, Biomaterials Science. Congratulations, Priya!

07/01: Congratulations to undergraduate student Die Thao Nguyen for being accepted as a Summer intern in Vietnam! Thao has been awarded a fully funded fellowship to spend a semester abroad in Singapore. Great job Thao!

06/05: We welcome graduate student Megan Douglass to the lab!

06/04: Congratulations to Ben for his acceptance to MCG!

06/01: Jiten's paper "A Multi-defense Strategy: Enhancing Bactericidal Activity of a Medical Grade Polymer with a Nitric Oxide Donor and Surface-immobilized Quaternary Ammonium Compound" has been accepted in Acta Biomaterialia. Congrats, Jiten!

05/06: Congratulations to Bryan his admission into Emory School of Medicine!

05/05: Megan was accepted to the NSF GS LEAD program for the summer and fall. Congratulations, Megan!

05/01: Katie, Dani, Priya, Jennie, and Thao did an excellent job sharing their hard work at the College of Engineering Research Showcase last week!

04/14: Jiten's paper "Tunable Nitric Oxide Release from S-Nitroso-N-acetylpenicillamine via Catalytic Copper Nanoparticles for Biomedical Applications" has been accepted in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces. Congrats, Jiten!

04/12: Dani placed first in this year's College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences (CAES) Undergraduate Research Symposium out of more than 50 participants! Congratulations, Dani!

04/07: Katie, Dani, Thao, Sai, and Jennie each presented their research at the Spring CURO Symposium earlier this week. Excellent work!

04/06: Congratulations to Jiten for being named a finalist in this year's Three Minute Thesis Competition with his talk on artificial skin substitutes for burn injuries!

03/20: Priya presented at the Integrative Research & Ideas Symposium (IRIS) today. Great job, Priya!

03/04: Sarah placed first in the 2017 Emerging Researchers National (ERN) Conference poster presentation in Washington, DC. Way to go, Sarah!

02/28: Congratulations to Nettie for taking first place in the STEM Innovators Conference in Savannah, GA with her oral presentation entitled "Nitric Oxide Releasing Bioresorbable Polymers for Medical Devices".

01/05: We welcome graduate students Katie Homeyer and Dani Workman and undergraduate student Megan Douglass to the lab!

12/10: Priya's paper "A Review of the Recent Advances in Antimicrobial Coatings for Urinary Catheters" has been published in Acta Biomaterialia. Congrats, Priya!

11/15: Marcus's paper "Characterization and In Vivo Performance of Nitric Oxide-Releasing Extracorporeal Circuits in a Feline Model of Thrombogenicity" has been published in the Journal of Biomedical Materials Research Part A. Congrats, Marcus!

11/01: Dr. Hitesh Handa gave an invited talk at the AVS Conference in Nashville entitled “Nitric Oxide Materials - An Approach to Creating More Hemocompatible Medical Device Coatings".

10/07: Graduate students Marcus and Jiten, as well as undergraduates Kaylee and Nettie, presented at the BMES annual meeting in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

08/09: Congratulations to Dani, Katie, Jennie, Netti, and Sai on receiving CURO Research Assistantships in the Handa Lab at UGA.

08/01: Marcus Goudie was awarded a prestigious ARCS Scholarship for excellence in research. Congrats, Marcus!

07/11: Dr. Hitesh Handa spent July 4th-9th at IIT Kharagpur as visiting faculty.

06/14: We welcome post-baccalaureate researcher Bryan Grommersch and high school student Sandelin Sikes to the Handa Lab at UGA.

05/24: We welcome Kaylee O’Connor and Nettie Brown (University of Alabama and University of Georgia, respectively) for their NSF-REU internship in the Handa Lab at UGA for the Summer.

05/20: Congratulations to Jiten Pant for being placed 1st in the UGA College of Engineering Graduate Club Poster Competition (among graduate students).

05/20: Congratulations to Sarah Chaji and Alyssa Ghuman on being placed 1st and 3rd, respectively, in the UGA College of Engineering Graduate Club Poster Competition (among undergraduate students).

05/16: Dr. Hitesh Handa presented a talk in the 10th World Biomaterials Congress in Montreal, Canada. His talk was entitled “Nitric Oxide (NO) Releasing Catheters to Reduce Thrombosis and Bacterial Infection”.