In-Lab Equipment

Handa Research Lab is located in room # 149 and room # 150 in the Riverbend South Research Building at the University of Georgia.  Total area, is approximately 2,200-square-feet and provides extensive desk space, lab bench space and basic laboratory essentials as well specialized equipment for material synthesis and characterization.  The major lab equipment include:

  • Nitric Oxide Analyzer (x3)
  • Fume Hoods (x3)
  • Biosafety Hood (x2)
  • Optical Microscope
  • Fluorescent Microscope (x2)
  • -80 ºC Freezer
  • UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
  • CO2 Incubator (x4)
  • Vacuum Oven
  • Centrifuges (x2)
  • Lyophilizer
  • Ethylene Oxide Sterilizer
  • DI Water System
  • Rotary evaporator
  • Thermal cycler / PCR Machine
  • 96-well plate reader
  • Ultrasonic bath (x2)
  • Incubator shaker

Integrated Bioscience and Nanotechnology Cleanroom

Our lab members have unrestricted access to Nanoscale Science and Engineering Center (NanoSEC) and the cleanroom facilities also located at the Riverbend South Research Building. These facilities include a 2,200-square-foot (Phase I) Class 100/1,000 multidisciplinary, nanotechnology-focused fabrication, characterization, and manipulation facility and a 1,000-square-foot (Phase II) Class 10,000 biocleanroom part. The major equipment housed at NanoSEC include:

Characterization tools:

  • Atomic Force Microscope (AFM)
  • Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM)
  • Fourier Transform IR Spectroscopy (FTIR)
  • Microscope System with Fast CCD Camera
  • Surface Plasmon Resonance (SPR)
  • Zetasizer Nano ZS Analyzer
  • X-Ray Analytical Microscope
  • Raman Spectroscopy
  • Fast CCD Microscope
  • Ellipsometer
  • Profilometer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter

 Lithography / Patterning Tools:

  • Karl Suss MA6 Mask Aligner
  • Karl Suss MJB 3 Mask Aligner
  • Laser MicroMachining System
  • Spin Coater
  • Hot Plate

Deposition Tools:

  • PVD 75 Electron Beam Deposition System
  • PVD 75 Sputtering Deposition System
  • Atomic Layer Deposition System
  • Ink-Jet Deposition System
  • Thermal Evaporator