Openings and Opportunities


Our research group currently has one post doctoral researcher and nine graduate students working on independent projects. Through teamwork and friendly competition, our laboratory environment catalyzes learning, personal growth, and achievement. Each graduate student has his or her own team of researchers, creating invaluable synergies between lab members at all levels. Our group also hosts a variety of students from other institutions. Since 2015, we have hosted two NSF-REU students from around the country each summer. We also participate in the University's Young Dawgs program, mentoring one high school student in the lab each semester.


All lab personnel are selected after a rigorous application process through the College of Engineering. Please feel free to email the principal investigator, Dr. Handa, with any inquiries. (hhanda@uga.edu)


Currently, the lab is looking for sophomore or junior undergraduate researchers to volunteer. Undergraduates should expect to work up to 10 hours a week including weekends. If interested, please contact Priya Singha at psingha@uga.edu.